Reinforce your brand and highlight your products with a variety of signage options.




Reinforce your brand identity through interior signage

All signage is designed to suit your store layout and can be completely customized to reflect your departments, brands, and to help direct your customers throughout your store.

You can even customize your end units to display signage.


Why Fabric Signage?

Fabric is recyclable and bio-degradable whereas vinyl heads straight to the landfill where it can take hundreds of years to break down.

  • Fabric is 1/3 the weight of vinyl banners - saving shipping costs
  • Fabric banners use 70% less material and energy in production
  • Fabric is reusable (more than once)
  • Fabric poses no risk of creasing, kinks, or damage – less waste
  • Fabric offers vibrant print quality
  • Fabric absorbs light with no glare from lights or on camera
  • Fabric graphics are easily changed out by Store Personnel
  • Fabric can be re-purposed
Fabric options include: Duraflag, Luminous, PolyLycra, PolySatin, PolyStretch, PolyWovin, and Perfknit


Fabric and Hardware

Mount it on a wall, hang it, or let it be free standing. It’s all about impact, impression and style. Hardware combined with our fabrics will make a location branding statement your clients and their customers will not easily forget. Any environment can be easily modernized and richly enhanced with the combination of hardware and fabric as they allow you to quickly, neatly, and economically swap out one sign for another, and you can do you it as often as you’d like. Frame construction is handled using superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in our manufacturing plant. We use state of the art, computer-calibrated equipment for cutting and bending.


Interior Sign Packages

  • Ribbons
    3-5 per store, dependent on store size

  • Aisle Directories
    Mounted to side of end cap or hanging in center of aisle

  • Overhead Directory Signs
    3-5 per store, dependent on catefogires

  • Aisle Violators
    Used to divide categories or highlight a section

Our Signage Options




Wall mounted frames displaying fabric prints offer so many benefits including superioraesthetics and colour, greater durability and more options for reusability.


These fabric prints have great impact, with the even glow of edge-mounted LED lights. Superior aesthetics and durability with the impact of an illuminated graphic message.
Look Toppers

Look Toppers

Look toppers are a simple branding solution that offer opportunities for branding above your product displays and they are directly fastened to the display stands.
Gondola Inserts

Gondola Inserts

Gondolas provide you with a variety of combinations for displaying products. Double-sided fabric graphics are visually captivating and are available as a lightbox sign for added impact.


BMF Signage in Cosmetics Store
BMF Signage in Sporting Goods Store
Signage In Bookstore
BMF Signage in Women's Wear Shop
Signage In Boutique
BMF Signage
Sporting Goods Signage
Signage In Sports Store
BMF Signage in Adidas
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Signage In Vitamin Store
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